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All-Ceramic Dental Crowns in Fairfield

Crowns have been a staple in dentistry for literally thousands of years. In the past, metals like gold and silver were the main materials for these restorations because these metals are so strong. However, they can also mar a smile’s appearance because their color is so far removed from that of natural teeth. Many patients are now opting for all-ceramic crowns in Fairfield instead. At DnL Dental, we’ve used these beautiful restorations to help countless patients enjoy attractive, strong smiles.

What Are the Advantages of All-Ceramic Crowns?

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Dental ceramic, sometimes called dental porcelain, is a specially engineered biocompatible compound that comes in various shades of white and yellow. Its main advantage relates to aesthetics; porcelain reflects light in a manner that similar to that of natural teeth. Once the crown is installed, it will likely be impossible for onlookers to tell that you’ve had any dental work done.

To make sure your all-ceramic crown looks as natural as possible within your mouth, your cosmetic dentist in Fairfield will use a shade guide to select the ideal color for your restoration.

The true aesthetic value of all-ceramic crowns becomes obvious when you compare them to porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns. PFM crowns consist of a metal shell that fits over the tooth, and then a layer of porcelain goes on top of the metal. However, the porcelain must be very thick in order to disguise the metal, which can downgrade the crown’s appearance and affect its light-reflecting properties. Also, as time wears on, a patient’s gums may recede and reveal the edge of the metal shell underneath the porcelain.

How Should You Care for All-Ceramic Crowns?

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Appearance is an important factor to consider when you have dental work done, but function is even more so. Porcelain crowns are quite strong; on average, they last for between five and 15 years. Some patients find that, with proper care, their crowns last even longer than 15 years.

To make sure that your crown serves you for as long as possible, we recommend that you:

If something ever does happen to your crown, please contact us so we can take a look and repair or replace it if necessary.

What Is the Process Like for Getting an All-Ceramic Crown?

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If your dentist in Fairfield recommends that you receive a crown, you can look forward to a fairly simple process that may take just a single visit to our office. We’ll numb the tooth and prepare it, perhaps by filing it down or filling it in with a special material. Then, we’ll use advanced technology to take a digital impression of the tooth and the surrounding area. That information goes to our in-house milling unit, which will create your custom crown with speed and precision. Once we attach the crown, you can go on your way and show off your beautiful, restored smile!

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