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The Benefits of Dental Implants in Fairfield

Although modern dentistry offers several ways to replace missing teeth, we often recommend dental implants as the best option for patients who are good candidates for this procedure. We’re strong advocates of implants because they offer a number of outstanding potential benefits.

A Beautiful Smile and Youthful Appearance

Man eating apple

When dental implants successfully bond with the jawbone, they provide comprehensive tooth replacement. Replacing the root of a tooth as well as its crown stimulates the jawbone and can help to prevent the deterioration that often occurs after a tooth is extracted. The result is that the jaw maintains its shape, and patients may be able to avoid the sunken appearance that sometimes accompanies bone loss in the jaw.

The teeth that go on top of the implants also offer aesthetic benefits. Dr. Cuevas, your dentist in Fairfield, puts great care into crafting these restorations so they look as natural and beautiful as possible.

The Freedom to Enjoy a Robust Diet

Healthy teeth

When implants are placed and restored by a true expert, they are likely to be very sturdy in the mouth — so sturdy that patients are able to enjoy all of their favorite foods. Whether it is a juicy steak, a crunchy apple, or a flavorful salad, you may be able to dig into your foods without being concerned that your teeth will slip or even fall out of your mouth entirely.

Benefits for Natural Teeth

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Did you know that tooth loss often leads to even more tooth loss? This occurs because when a tooth goes missing, the adjacent ones are more likely to drift out of place. The ones opposite the lost tooth may over-erupt and eventually fall out. The result can be malocclusion (a bad bite) and problems with the jaw, as well as extra wear and tear on any remaining natural teeth. Implants prevent such issues by serving as placeholders, greatly reducing the chances that you’ll experience further tooth loss later.

Easy Maintenance

Flossing teeth

Taking good care of dental implants is vital if you want them to live up to their potential — and fortunately, maintaining your new smile is easy! You can brush and floss your implants in much the same way as you would natural teeth. When you have your procedure, we’ll coach you on the specifics of how to care for your new smile. It is unlikely that you will have to make any really big changes to your daily routine.

Improved Confidence

Smiling senior woman

A gap-filled smile, or the fear that your traditional dentures will slip or click while you’re eating or speak, can make you hesitate to let your personality shine when you’re in social situations. Because implants are so sturdy and natural-looking, they can replace your self-consciousness with self-confidence!


Confident smile

Other tooth replacement methods, such as traditional dentures and bridges, require periodic replacement, but dental implants in Fairfield are different. If you care for them well and they are able to form a strong bond with the bone around them, they have the potential to last for decades. They could even last for the rest of your life!

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